winter dry skin

6 Natural Ways to Beat Cold Weather Dry Skin

The winter time typically brings dry skin. It’s a time that many of us carry around a bottle of lotion in our bags to moisturize throughout the day, but what if there was a way to beat cold weather dry skin? The great news is that there are some preventative steps you can take today to have supple moisturized skin all year round.

Here are six natural ways to beat cold weather dry skin you can try out this coming winter season.

#1 DIY Moisturizers: Instead of using harsh store-bought moisturizers, why not make your own? Not only will they be more effective, but you will avoid all of the harmful chemicals and toxins commonly found in store-bought options. Try making a homemade lotion using avocado or coconut oil and some shea butter. Your skin will soak up the moisture and stay hydrated even through the coldest days. Read more