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Movie Highlights – What the Health

The recent documentary What the Health has stirred up some controversy in the health and wellness field. For this reason, I wanted to put together a post on the movie highlights to give you a better idea as to what this movie is all about.

What the Health takes a look at the animal products that we consume in America. The film also looks at various major health organizations and attempts to dive deep into why many of them such as The American Diabetes Association suggests those who suffer from diabetes consume red meat products among other potentially harmful inflammatory products such as bacon right on their website. Despite many efforts, the film makers find it very difficult to get straight answers from these major health organizations and found that many of them have food sponsors such as KFC, and Yoplait to name a few providing them funding. Keep in mind that these food sponsors are selling foods that have been directly linked to causing issues such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Read more