good eatings malin

Good Eatings

Malin tells us how healthy eating and cooking have positively impacted her everyday life…Well, I used to have terrible digestion after having gone through some stressful life changes and a bout of bad food poisoning from shell fish. The way I ate completely changed this and I live a life more or less free from pain and bloating today and it impacts my day immensely. The digestion issues I had seemed to affect my immune system and I was ill a lot over a year or so, more than just stomach aches and other issues that come with digestion issues, and it kept me from doing a lot of things that I wanted to. It turned out I was intolerant to quite a few foods I ate often like dairy and eggs as well as gluten and I decided to go plant based and gluten free. That’s a lot at once but when I got the handle on it I learned to cook in a much more creative and intuitive way with ingredients I barely ate before. I also got my digestive health back. Since going plant based and ditching the gluten most of the time I’ve rarely been ill, enjoyed a new found energy and very seldom have stomach aches and those other nasty digestion problems. That way I have been able to live my life with more spark and instead of often be lying around due to pain or illness I’ve been out in the world enjoying myself and working at what’s meaningful to me.
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