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Foods You Need to Be Eating to Ward Off the Flu

With cold and flu season in full swing, you may be wondering what you can do to support your immune system and prevent getting sick. When it comes to immune health, it is important to consume a nutrient-dense diet and to also cut out processed and artificial foods including sugar.

To help your immune system stay strong this flu season, here are some foods to add to your diet. Read more

Eggs Avocado Breakfast - Brain Food

The Best “Brain” Food to Add to Your Diet

Do you know what foods fuel your brain? For most, fats may not come to mind. This is because fats have been shamed as being “unhealthy.” However, the confusion surrounding fats is just that…confusion. While there are some fats that should always be kept out of the diet (trans and hydrogenated fats), there are other fats that the body needs. Not only that, but the brain needs fat to function as well since the brain is the fattiest organ in the body consisting of nearly 60% fat! Imagine consuming a very low-fat diet; this would essentially starve your brain of what it needs to function at its best.

With that being said, here are some of the best foods to fuel your brain. These foods can help boost energy, and combat that oh so common brain fog many of us suffer from. Read more

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How to Use Avocado Oil to Boost Your Skin Health

Avocado is becoming increasingly popular and not just for cooking but for cosmetic purposes as well. Coconut oil used to be the favorite moisturizing oil to make your skin stay super hydrated, but avocado oil may be just as great if not better for your skin!

If you are looking for a natural way to moisturize your skin, keep reading because I am going to share five amazing ways to use avocado oil to boost your skin health.

#1 Soothe Itchy Skin: If you suffer from eczema or dry, itchy skin then avocado oil is about the become a staple in your skincare routine. You only need a couple of drops of avocado oil to notice the results. Try using it as a hydrating nighttime moisturizer and wake up with supple and soft skin. Read more


5 Interesting Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Boost Your Health

Coconut oil has really made its entrance in the health and wellness field and is commonly referred to as a superfood. This oil is packed full of nutritional value, but the benefits don’t just stop at what it can do for you nutritionally. Coconut oil can actually boost your health in more ways than one, and some of the ways you can use coconut oil may surprise you!

Let’s take a look at 5 interesting ways you can use this oil to benefit your health. Read more