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Should I Go Diary-Free?

People start a dairy-free diet for a number of reasons. Some people go dairy-free due to a lactose intolerance or dairy allergy, while others go dairy-free for personal reasons. No matter what the reason, starting a dairy-free diet may be beneficial for your health. If you are considering cutting dairy out of your diet, let’s take a look at what this diet is all about and how it can benefit your health.

What is a Dairy-Free Diet?

A dairy-free diet is one that completely eliminates dairy from the diet. This includes milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, and anything else that is dairy based. Instead of dairy products, many people will choose to use nut-based products like almond or coconut milk and cashew-based cheese instead. Read more

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5 Must-Have Gluten-Free Pantry Items

Going gluten-free can be very beneficial for your health especially if you are dealing with a gluten sensitivity or unexplained digestive health issues. Gluten is inflammatory and can be very hard on the gut lining which is why it is such a popular topic in the health and wellness field today.

If you want to start a gluten-free diet or are already eating gluten free, here are five must-have gluten-free pantry items to make cooking and meal prep that much easier. Read more