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Summer is Here – How to Stay Healthy

Maybe you have multiple vacations lined up or you’re just finally getting to catch up on things. Either or, summer is a good time to focus on you and clean up your act. Our favorite way to get “summer ready” has a little to do with detoxing and a whole lot to do with self-care.

A little bit of detox goes a long way…

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Everyday we are exposed to toxins… in our food, products, and everything in between. Our poor body could use some support, especially our primary detox organ the liver. Vitamins and minerals are essential for supporting our liver, like Vitamin C and B12. But with all the summer parties and BBQ’s, why not go for something a little more powerful? To kick things up a notch, we recommend Dr. Junger’s 21-Day Clean Program – celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it. For a totally honest review, we recommend checking out Alicia’s review at Coveteur. The big take away from a cleanse such as this… you learn about your body and get healthy doing it (reduce inflammation, learn about food sensitives, and reset your digestive system).

An extra boost for the body: SWEATING. Working out usually gets the job done, but if you’re someone that barely breaks a sweat during a workout you may benefit from using an infrared sauna. You may have read our blog on sauna’s, but we can’t over stress  our love of the infrared sauna. No work needed, you just lay there and sweat! It eliminates heavy metals, clears up your skin and releases your feel-good chemicals and endorphins. So you feel and look good, win win!

If you are not in the market for owning your own infrared sauna, try a sweat session elsewhere. Places like Higher Dose with multiple locations around NYC but you’d be surprised to know most cities have a “sweat houses”.

4 Healthy Eating Habits

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Basil Lime Blackberry Smoothie

Summer is all about socializing and must-deserved vacations, but don’t go completely off track with how you’re eating. Whether at a party or on vacation, don’t stress about eating perfectly. Just be balanced.

  1. Focus first on veggies (potatoes don’t count.) Make it half your plate, the other half you can have more fun with. But remember… fill up on veggies, so eat that half first.
  2. Stay hydrated! Water is key to keeping your skin happy and energy up when splurging on food. Avoid soft drinks at all costs and limit alcohol as much as you can, but who can pass up a round or two of margaritas, right?
  3. Keep processed foods at a minimum. The quality of our food is what counts. So even when treating yourself, make sure it’s good quality and as close to mother nature as possible.
  4. No need to go crazy on every. single. meal. Make one meal special and relaxed, but don’t spend your whole day on a wild, carb-loaded, sugar-laden binge.

Working out on-the-go

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Tracy Anderson Method

Working out on vacation or throughout the summer can be challenging. But how about we change that? Here’s a plan to get you focused and maintain that summer body you’ve been working on all winter long or still striving for.

  1. Always have a plan. Before you even go to the gym or put on your workout clothes, think about what you want to do. When we are feeling uninspired, we opt for a classic Tracy Anderson DVD or streamed class. All you have to do is follow along, no thinking or planning needed.
  2. Use the buddy system. There’s a reason everyone recommends working out with a friend. It works! Even if it’s not the most intense workout you get all week, at least you’re putting in the effort. You’re getting in some movement and socializing all at the same time.
  3. No need to spend 60 or 90 minutes in the gym. Why would you ever go if you knew it would take that long? Workouts like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will get you the same results, if not better, in just 15 minutes. The best part… you can easily find a HIIT workout online or on YouTube. But it’s intense, so check with your doctor first to make sure it’s a good fit for you.
  4. Bring your equipment. Regardless of what you do for workouts, never let the excuse of not finding a gym stop you. Ankle weights and 3 pound weights are our lifesaver when traveling. Even supermodels like Gigi Hadid rely on hotel room workouts (like this one) with little to no equipment.

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