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Sugar – Is it as Sweet as You Think?

Sugar is found in everything these days, it is even found in foods that you would never think would contain sugar, and there has been more talk surrounding the safety of added sugar in your diet. While many people have started sugar-free diets, or have started to at least cut back on their intake, sugar can be found hidden in numerous different foods. Many companies may also market their products as low-sugar, but is that even considered safe?

We are going to talk about why sugar really isn’t as sweet as you may think and how sugar can lead to things like inflammation. This includes natural sugars. Let’s jump right in.

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

Sugar can cause a number of unwanted issues, let’s take a look at some of them…

#1 Sugar Can Lead to Inflammation: Too much sugar can cause inflammation, which can lead to disease. Sugar can lead to inflammation because it can cause an excess amount of AGEs. AGEs are advanced glycation end products. These form when proteins or fats mix with sugar in the blood and they can lead to inflammation in the body.

#2 Sugar Impacts Your Heart: Believe it or not, sugar can negatively impact your heart. A study that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine stated that a high sugar diet was associated with an increased risk of dying from heart disease! Here is just one more reason to keep sugar intake low or to completely eliminate sugar from your diet.

#3 Sugar can Lead to Diabetes & Obesity: It is well-known that sugar can lead to weight gain, but too much sugar can cause blood sugar imbalances and lead to diabetes or even obesity. High fructose corn syrup is of particular concern which is commonly found in sodas and other soft drinks.

#4 Sugar can Cause Gut Health Issues: Too much sugar can cause an issue with gut permeability. This is the cause of leaky gut, and when undigested food or toxins leak into the bloodstream, it can cause immune system issues and inflammation.

What’s the Deal with Natural Sugars?
This is a question that many people ask. If I can’t have white sugar, can I have natural sugar? While natural sugar may be a better alternative to white sugar, it doesn’t come without its own risk. While pure maple syrup and raw honey contain some added benefits, they are still high in sugar and too much can cause issues with blood sugar and weight gain. When it comes to natural sugar, you will want to keep it to a minimum. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it should be added abundantly to your diet. If you miss having sugar in your coffee, consider adding a teaspoon of raw honey. You would be surprised to see that a little goes a long way with these natural sweeteners!

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