Traditional Muesli

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July 7, 2016

Recipe by From the Athlete's Kitchen


1/2 Cup Muesli Mix – Primarily rolled oats, plus some seeds (pictured here, pepitas, about 1 Tbsp), and dried fruit (pictured here, currants, about 1Tbsp)

1 Cup Kefir or ‘European Style’ Yogurt

1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

2 Tsp Honey

1 Whole piece seasonal tree fruit, e.g. plums, apples, pears, apricot, peaches, diced

1/8 Cup Chopped Hazelnuts

Additional in-season fruit for topping


1Add muesli mix, yogurt, cinnamon, honey and diced fruit to a sealable food container. Stir throughly, cover and refrigerate overnight.

2Chop hazelnuts and store separately in a sealable container.

3Chop additional fruit topping and store separately in a sealable container.

4When heading out, pack all three items. Assemble by adding nuts and additional fruit to the muesli mixture.


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