Fig and Kale Pesto Pizza

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November 29, 2016

Recipe by The Little Plantation

  • Cook: 10 mins


Ingredients for the pizza dough:

250g/8oz/2cups strong wholemeal bread flour (I used this one)

250g/8oz/2cups plain white flour

15ml/1tbsp sugar

10ml/2tsp salt

10ml/2tsp dried yeast (NOT quick acting)

300ml/1 ¼ cup warm water (not boiling hot)

45ml/3tbsp olive oil

Ingredients for the raw kale pesto and additional toppings:

60g kale, I used cavalo nero (stems removed)

60g parsley

50g almonds

1tsp salt

3 – 6 tbsp olive oil

1 garlic clove

2tbs fresh lemon juice

a handful of fresh figs, washed ad thinly sliced

a handful of pine nuts

balsamic glaze (optional)


1In a large bowl dissolve the yeast in the water together with the sugar. Let the liquid rest in a warm place for about 10 minutes or until it starts to bubble and to smell yeasty.

2Then add the salt, olive oil and flour, until the dough comes together. It should still be soft and slightly sticky to touch.

3Sprinkle some plain flour onto a clean work surface to avoid the dough sticking and knead for 10-20 minutes.

4Then lightly grease a large bowl with olive oil. Place the dough inside and cover the bowl with a damp tea cloth. Let it rise for 1-2 hours (we left it for 90 minutes which was perfect) in a warm place or until the dough has doubled in size. Please do not leave it for more than 2 hours as the dough can collapse.

5As the dough is rising, start working on your kale pesto by washing the kale (no stems) and parsley and placing them, together with the almonds, salt, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice in a food processor, until they form a nice paste. Do taste to see if it required a little bit more salt (so personal).

6The quantity of olive oil really depends on how running you like your pesto. I tend to work by eye on this one, so pardon me if the olive oil quantities aren't 100% exact.

7Place in the fridge for later use.

8Just before working with your dough again, preheat the oven to 220C/430F and place your pizza stone in the oven (not a must to have but helpful if you've got one). When the dough is ready, split it into 2 or 4 portions (depending on how big you want your pizzas to be and how big your oven is). Roll out the dough as flatly and thinly as you can and place in the oven for approximately 7 minutes or until the edges start to turn dark brown - not burned. (We placed the dough on a pizza stone (though I hadn't used one previously), which was quite hot.) If you are not using a pizza stone, please place the dough on a baking tray as close to the bottom of your oven as possible. This article here is a really good read if you're serious about good pizza doughs and need further insider tips.

9Because there aren't any topppings on the pizza base whilst it is in the oven, the centre did rise a tiny bit, so we pocked it with a fork a few times, to let the air out and keep the pizza base flat.

10Remove the finished pizza base from the oven when done, spread with a thin layer of kale pesto, sprinkle some pine nuts on top, add the sliced figs and a splash of balsamic glaze (if using, like I did here). Repeat and enjoy.


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