Dorothy’s Nourishing Quinoa Bowl

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December 5, 2016

Recipe by The Little Plantation


2 cups of quinoa (any colour you wish)

1 cup of pearl barley (please see tips for gluten-free alternatives)

1 yellow pepper

1 celery stalk

Seeds of 1 luscious pomegranate (see tips for alternatives)

A splash of olive oil

15g of flat leaf parsley, finely chopped (no stems) (see tips for alternatives)

Handful of sunflower seeds

Salt to taste (I use Pink Himalaya Salt)


1Cook the quinoa with a pinch of salt over a medium heat. Cook the pearl barley with a pinch of salt over a medium heat. When the grains are cooked, drain the water, combine the grains and let them cool down for 10 minutes or so.

2Whilst the grains cook (or when they are cooling down), please wash and chop the pepper, celery and parsley.

3When the quinoa and barley have cooled down, place them together with the chopped pepper, celery, parsley, pomegranate seeds and sunflower seeds in a serving dish. Taste for salt and add a tiny bit more if you like. Drizzle with a tiny bit of organic olive oil, serve and enjoy!

Tip 1: Make this in the quantity stated, even if you are just cooking for 1 or 2 as this dish keeps quite well in the fridge, for about 3 days or so. Your left-overs are perfect for lunch at the office the next day.

Tip 2: Want to avoid gluten, please replace the pearl barley with quinoa or buckwheat.

Tip 3: If quinoa is hard to come by or too expensive or you just want to eat more 'local', replace it with more pearl barley or buckwheat. I’ve also used couscous as the star grain and it was rather lovely.

Tip 4: Pomegranates can be replaced with blueberries, red currants, dried cranberries; even fresh or dried apricots will go lovely with this dish.

Tip 5: Herbs not in season? Then use finely chopped kale instead (no stem).


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