Blackberry Crumble Pie

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March 14, 2017

Recipe by Hazel and Cacao



1 cup almonds

1 cup rolled oats (gluten free is necessary)

1 cup pitted medjool dates


1 500g bag of frozen blackberries


1 cup rolled oats

½ cup wholemeal spelt flour or buckwheat flour for completely gluten free

⅓ cup almond meal

¼ cup coconut sugar

1 TBSP cinnamon

Pinch salt

⅓ cup sunflower or grapeseed oil


1For the base: add all your base ingredients into a food processor and process until sticky to the touch. If your mixture is not sticky enough, add a few more dates. Press mixture evenly into the bottom and sides of a lightly greased tart/pie tin. I used a standard 24 cm tart tin.

2For the blackberry filling: empty your bag of frozen blackberries over your base

3For the Crumble topping: Add all your ingredients except oil to a seperate bowl and mix well. Pour your oil over the top of the crumble mixture and mix well until the mixture is evenly coated in oil.

4Pour crumble over your blackberries and flatten slightly with a spatula.

5Bake at 180 C for 30 minutes.

6Allow to cool before serving.

7Enjoy for breakfast with some vegan yogurt, custard or ice cream.


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