Let’s Work Together!

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Through my experiences as a Health Coach, I have observed the transformative power of health and wellness in relation to skincare. My greatest passion is health, my second is skin. Before I was able to hone in on a proper “diet” for me, everything that I ate affected my skin. Not only was the food a culprit, but hormonal imbalances and lifestyle were also contributors. Even with a multitude of issues in the body, it’s safe to say that with the right combination of diet, lifestyle, and detox, any set of challenges in the body can be overcome.

To truly gain long-lasting, glowing, healthy skin, I believe we need to work together.

How We Add Value to Our Partners: 

Our value proposition is providing the most complete and holistic approach to skincare. By working with your clients as well as your pre existing skincare services, I believe the client will see optimal results in their complexions and skincare goals.

We achieve this by:

  • Aligning our recommendations with client’s needs
  • Consulting with esthetician to better deliver best results
  • Consistent evaluation of client’s skincare progress

How We Help Your Clients: 

There are two different packages that will meet the needs and goals of the client. Package 1 offers extended treatment and recommendations for those suffering from acne – Cystic, hormonal, and inflammatory acne. Package 2 offers clients long-term beauty maintenance that promotes anti-aging, hydrated skin, and reducing the chances of breakouts and/or irritated skin.

Holistic treatments and methods include:

  • Elimination diet
  • Special attention to healthy fats and greens in diet
  • Anti-inflammatory food
  • Probiotics & digestive enzymes
  • Gut healing
  • Detoxification of endocrine disruptors

How We Partner with You: 

Our unique partnership process has been made simple through our mode of delivering the services to your clients.  We focus on collaboration and communication.

  • Identifying clients that would benefit from our holistic skin care services
  • Initial evaluation of clients current skin health, diet, and lifestyle habits
  • Personalized holistic monthly program focused on client’s needs and beauty goals
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Step 1:  Current client struggles with skin issues (i.e. acne) or is looking to maintain or prevent further skin problems.

Gut Based Beauty

Step 2: Izzy’s Wellness is brought on to assess clients current health and lifestyle and collaborate  to heal body & skin for desired results.

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Step 3: Clients will follow a personalized program consisting of diet, lifestyle and detox to support new, healthier skin.

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Step 4: As client goes thru the diet and lifestyle transformation, they will continue with prior skin recommendations, facials and products.

The result is renewed skin, a healed and glowing complexion and renewed overall health. 

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