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What You Need to Know About Making the Perfect Bone Broth

Have you heard about the bone broth craze? Since the start of the Paleo diet, bone broth has become a staple in many people’s diet and I think that it is here to stay. This broth has so many amazing health benefits and with just a handful of ingredients you can make your own broth at home.

There are some tips to making the perfect bone broth though, and I am going to share those with you today.

5 Tips on Making the Perfect Bone Broth

#1 Add Apple Cider Vinegar: Adding some apple cider vinegar to the broth will help to pull minerals out from the bones and into your broth. Be sure to use raw apple cider vinegar such as Braggs.

#2 Be Sure to Simmer the Broth Long Enough: Making bone broth is a labor of love as it takes some time to get it just right. This is much easier if you are making your broth in a crockpot as you can just place the ingredients into the pot and let the magic happen. Whether you are simmering the broth on the stove or in a slow cooker or crockpot be sure that you are simmering it long enough. You can even let the broth simmer for up to 24 hours.

#3 Use Herbs: Fresh herbs are wonderful for our health and they also taste great! Try adding some of your favorite herbs to your bone broth. After it is done simmering, you can strain the herbs out and you will still be able to taste the delicious aroma of the herbs you chose to use.

#4 Strain Your Broth: After your broth is done simmering, be sure to strain it through a fine mesh strainer. This may take a couple of times but strain it as best as you can before storing.

#5 Be Mindful of The Type of Bones You Use: Just like it’s encouraged to consume as much grass-fed animal products as possible the same thing goes for bones. You want to know what type of upbringing the animal had before using the bones to create a broth. Did the bones comes from a conventionally raised animal where they were fed grains and injected with hormones or antibiotics? Or did they come from an animal that was grass-fed and pasture raised? These things matter and opting for bones from grass-fed animals is best.

There are the five tips you need to know to get started on making a delicious batch of bone broth! Keep it simple, don’t feel like you need to add too many ingredients. Just the basics and some slow simmering time is all a nutritious bone broth truly needs.

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