3 Easy Swaps for a “Greener” Home

Have you jumped on the greener clean band wagon yet? If not, but you are interested in learning about ways to remove some of the toxic cleaning products from your home and swap them out with cleaner and more eco-friendly options, keep reading!

I am going to break down three super simple swaps for a more eco-friendly and green home so that you can start eliminating some of the toxic products and include safer and more natural options.

To get us started, let’s take a look at an incredibly simple all-purpose cleaner you can make with just a handful of ingredients that are likely already in your pantry.

#1 Castile Soap All-Purpose Cleaner
Instead of using those store-bought options you find at the store, try making your own all-purpose cleaner. It requires just a couple of minutes of your time. This all-purpose cleaner is much more eco-friendly, safer, and environmentally friendly than the ones that are packed with toxins and harmful fragrances.

Here’s what you need:
A glass spray bottle
1-2 cups of distilled water
2 Tbsp. castile soap. (I like Dr. Bronner’s)
A few drops of peppermint or citrus essential oil

Simply add the water to the spray bottle followed by the soap and then the essential oil. Shake and then you are ready to clean!

#2 Peppermint Hand Soap
Who knew it could be so easy to make your own hand soap, not to mention cost effective and eco-friendly! Many of the soaps you buy at the store contain fragrance that can be harmful to the skin. Instead, make your own minty fresh soap within minutes.

Here’s what you need:
A hand soap dispenser
1-2 cups distilled water or enough to fill the soap dispenser
2 Tbsp. castile soap
A few drops of peppermint essential oil

To make the soap, add the water followed by the soap and then the peppermint oil to the dispenser and gently shake. Use as you would any other hand soap.

#3 Drain Cleaner
Skip the Draino, and give this homemade drain cleaner a try. It only requires two household items and it works to freshen up and unclog drains.

Here’s what you need:
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup white vinegar

All you need to do is sprinkle the baking soda down the drain and then add the vinegar. The mixture will bubble and allow it to sit for at least an hour before pouring boiling water down the drain to rinse it down. This is a much more eco-friendly and safe option to unclogging drains and making them smell a little fresher!

There you have it, three simple “green” house cleaning products you can make yourself in just a couple of minutes. Commit to greener living today by giving these a try.

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